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Noel’s journey as a speaker has taken him through a decade of public speaking, coaching, and storytelling. His diverse experience has given him the ability to challenge and entertain audiences with his unique perspectives and connect ideas with his unique signature humour. Noel offers a fresh and innovative keynote program called “Power of 3 Speaking” and is the face of  EDxBearCreekPark, as the Host and Program Coordinator for the annual event. He’s the co-creator and enjoys coaching speakers for “Surrey SHARES”, a project designed to help people find their voice and improve their health through the power of public speaking. Noel believes that a speaker presents the audience with a gift, his philosophy is that it’s the speakers responsibility to ensure that gift is something the audience appreciates receiving.

Noel Bentley


Noel has a solid foundation for hosting events and a commitment to ensuring their success.  His experience ranges from hosting western Canada’s premiere TEDx event annually, to taking the podium for weddings, running AGM’s and hosting special occasions. Noel understands the role of Emcee is not just on stage; planning ahead, engaging audiences and taking care of details behind the scenes are part of every successful Emcee’s process. Noel takes it a step further by getting to know the group, encouraging and supporting other participants success and creating tailored humour and storytelling for the event. He’s committed in his role as Emcee to doing everything possible to facilitate a memorable and successful event and to being prepared for whatever challenges arise by embracing them and turning them into genuine human moments.


Humour lifts, empowers, entertains and unites audiences.  Noel enjoys treading this risky ground that many speakers fear to walk.  His unique perspective and insight on the human condition give him the uncanny ability to see the potential comedy in almost anything. Noel has entertained thousands with his stand-up routines, wildly creative stories, satirical rants, imaginative solutions to common problems and the bravery to take the stage as one of the world’s worst ventriloquists.  He believes that humour plays an important role in virtually every talk, presentation, event and gathering. Noel has coached speakers to tap into their comedic abilities and bring more life to speaking, writing and entertaining.

Noel as humourist